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Capacity And Effectiveness  

▶ Prevention and Elimination of Rust
Redox-Harmony changes pH and ORP of pipe surface to pH 8~10, ORP -400~-800mV by using Voltaic cell and supplementary ceramics. This renders the pipe negatively charged and basic, which prevents binding of OH- ion and iron ion and eventually prevents rust formation. Also, previously formed rust dissolves as form of iron ion which eventually re-reduced to iron or dissolves into water and finally eliminated.

▶ Prevention and elimination of scale
Redox-Harmony changes pH and ORP of pipe surface to pH 8~10, ORP -400~-800mV by using Voltaic cell and supplementary ceramics. This renders the pipe negatively charged and basic, and amplified electrostatic field prevents sedimentary adsorption basically. Previously formed scale also dissolves by elevated CO2 gas concentration through water activation and scales are detached by negatively charged and basic pipe surface, which makes some scales remain as sediments and some scales dissolved and eliminated.

▶ Enhanced self-purification capability
Water is activated (recurrent binding of waters) during negative polarization by Voltaic cell and ceramics, which renders water enhanced self-purification capability with additional sterilization effect and maintenance of freshness.

▶ Elimination of germs and deodorization
Electrochemical reaction induced by internal Voltaic cell and far-infrared radiation from ceramics changes maximum ORP of the water to -800mV. Microbes are sensitive enough to be eliminated with change of potential with a few microvolt. So, Redox-Harmony can prevent the growth of microbes in the source level. This diminishes pipe corrosion, generation of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen (ammonium sulfate, nitrogen sulfate), which finally achieve deodorization.

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